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Introducing The Remix Podcast BATCH 3

Welcome to The Remix podcast Batch 3. This season, The Remix co-founders Courtney Colman and Heather Bhandari are joined by Natalia Nakazawa, artist and assistant director of The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Program. In this intro they talk about the ten podcasts they recorded, covering everything from new commercial gallery and residency models to strategies for navigating the art world with art that challenges current structures. They continue on their quest for viable new models in the art world, while meeting fascinating people along the way.


Paige West, Art Collector and Curator of The West Collection

In this episode, Heather gushes over her former boss—art lover, collector, and Creative Capital board member Paige West—who was the forward-thinking founder of The Remix’s mom, Mixed Greens. They discuss public resistance when starting something truly new; innovative ways The West Collection shows artwork in a corporate setting; and her deep love of Creative Capital, an organization dedicated to supporting artists. Listen to find out what a “hot hall” is!


Camilø Alvårez, Owner, Director and Preparator at SAMSØÑ, formerly Samson Projects

Camilo Alvarez joins us from Boston to discuss his trajectory from working at nonprofits to owning his own gallery to closing the space in an effort to rethink his relationship to the gallery system. After many years working in the art world, getting a master’s degree in museum studies at Harvard was a first step in positioning himself differently in relation to artists and audiences. What’s coming next? Listen to find out.


Kristen Dodge, Founder of SEPTEMBER Gallery

Meet Kristen Dodge, founder and curator of September gallery and mom to several farm animals. The Remix talks with her about why she left NYC and the space it’s provided to her personal and professional lives. After showing 200 artists in the last two years, she has sage advice about measuring success.


Willa Köerner, Creative Content Director for The Creative Independent, and Founder of The Strange

Willa Köerner leaves the internet to visit The Remix. She talks about why The Creative Independent exists to share creative challenges—including creative anxiety and making a living—and ways of paving your own path. We also delve into her new upstate NY residency, The Strange. It’s a place where artists can live in a remodeled barn in the woods without losing their internet connection. Listen to find out what makes The Strange so beautiful and strange.


Kelani Nichole, Founder of TRANSFER Gallery and Director of The Current Museum

Kelani Nichole talks to The Remix about her gallery, TRANSFER, and her involvement in The Current, a museum for digital art with a new model for collecting and showing the work. Kelani talks mentors and aspects of the traditional gallery world she flatly rejects. This is a must-listen conversation for everyone making digital work and anyone interested in showing, buying, and selling media art.


Nathan Sinai Rayman, Artist and Founder of GalleryGalleryGallery

Nathan Sinai Rayman started by founding the smallest, most inconsequential gallery in New York City (most likely the world). Now he’s exploring a franchise-ready, modular, flat pack gallery as an MFA candidate at Hunter. Can he populate the country with GALLERYGALLERYGALLERY? In this episode, listen to him explain his business plan that sells galleries, rather than art.


Leah Triplett Harrington, Senior Editor of The Rib

Leah Triplett Harrington joins The Remix to talk about The Rib, an online publication covering artists and artwork outside major city centers.  We talk about filling a void in the art world and amplifying the voices of art communities across the country. Which state has the most impressive apartment galleries? Listen to find out.


Chloë Bass, Artist and Public Practicioner

Conceptual artist Chloe Bass comes to talk with The Remix about building relationships and kindness. Her new project, The Book of Everyday Instruction, is the culmination of years of working around the topic of intimacy. We discuss the challenges of translating experiences and memories into objects and the memes that poke fun of conceptual art. What does a studio day and a submission look like for Chloe? Listen to find out. Can she foster intimacy on the scale of a metropolis? We think so.



Courtney and Natalia speak with Zeelie Brown—multidisciplinary, multidimensional artist, cellist, and community builder. Zeelie talks through her move to NYC from the south (where her art stems from), and showing up in contexts historically reserved for straight, white participants. Listen to hear which institutions were particularly welcoming to her unorthodox practice.


Anita Durst, Founder and Artistic Director of Chashama

In this episode, Anita Durst takes us from her performances in the Meat Packing District in the 90s to managing Chashama’s 30+ spaces across diverse neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey in 2018. The Remix asks her to reveal everything from the logistics of running art programs in so many empty spaces to her vision for the future. Listen to the conversation transition from real estate to alien probes.