PODCAST - Chloe Bass

Photo by Texas Isaiah.

Photo by Texas Isaiah.

Chloë Bass, Artist and Public Practicioner

Conceptual artist Chloë Bass comes to talk with The Remix about building relationships and kindness. Her new project, The Book of Everyday Instruction, is the culmination of years of working around the topic of intimacy. We discuss the challenges of translating experiences and memories into objects and the memes that poke fun of conceptual art. What does a studio day and a submission look like for Chloe? Listen to find out. Can she foster intimacy on the scale of a metropolis? We think so.

Chloë Bass is a multiform conceptual artist working in performance, situation, conversation, publication, and installation. Her work uses daily life as a site of deep research to address scales of intimacy: where patterns hold and break as group sizes expand. She began her work with a focus on the individual (The Bureau of Self-Recognition, 2011 – 2013), has recently concluded a study of pairs (The Book of Everyday Instruction, 2015 – 2017), and will continue to scale up gradually until she’s working at the scale of the metropolis. She is an Assistant Professor of Art at Queens College, CUNY, where she co-runs Social Practice Queens with Gregory Sholette.