PODCAST - Kristen Dodge

Photo by Grace Roselli.

Photo by Grace Roselli.

Kristen Dodge, Founder of SEPTEMBER Gallery

Meet Kristen Dodge, founder and curator of September gallery and mom to several farm animals. The Remix talks with her about why she left NYC and the space it’s provided to her personal and professional lives. After showing 200 artists in the last two years, she has sage advice about measuring success.

Founded in 2016 in Hudson, New York, SEPTEMBER is an evolving platform for artists of diverse disciplines. The gallery is committed to engaging the surrounding community, while hosting artists predominantly from Upstate to Brooklyn to Boston. In the first two years, over 200 artists have exhibited at the gallery. The spirited ethos and activity of SEPTEMBER includes performers, academics, activists, chefs, curators, writers, and other creative thinkers, makers and doers.

She previously founded DODGEgallery, which held 56 exhibitions on New York’s Lower East Side between 2010-2014.