PODCAST - Kelani Nichole

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Kelani Nichole, Founder of TRANSFER Gallery and Director of The Current Museum

Kelani Nichole talks to The Remix about her gallery, TRANSFER, and her involvement in The Current, a museum for digital art with a new model for collecting and showing the work. Kelani talks mentors and aspects of the traditional gallery world she flatly rejects. This is a must-listen conversation for everyone making digital work and anyone interested in showing, buying, and selling media art.

Kelani Nichole is a design strategist and exhibition maker based in New York City. Nichole is director of the Current Museum of Art, a cooperative collection of contemporary media art that examines technology's impact on the human condition. She is the founder and owner of TRANSFER an experimental gallery supporting artists with exhibitions of challenging variable media formats. Since 2016, TRANSFER Gallery in Brooklyn has been dedicated to women refiguring technology through exhibition and curation.


Director, The Current