PODCAST - Nathan Sinai Rayman


Nathan SINAI Rayman, Artist and Founder of GalleryGalleryGallery

Nathan Sinai Rayman started by founding the smallest, most inconsequential gallery in New York City (most likely the world). Now he’s exploring a franchise-ready, modular, flat pack gallery as an MFA candidate at Hunter. Can he populate the country with GALLERYGALLERYGALLERY? In this episode, listen to him explain his business plan that sells galleries, rather than art. 

Rayman is a Brooklyn-based artist who creates different bodies of work. One repurposes capitalist systems as readymades and another blends the collisions of circumstance that make up one’s mundane existence. As an artist-in-general, he works in a variety of media: tapestries, photograms, sculpture, installation, performance, video, PowerPoint, and text.

Established in 2013, and recently relaunched as GALLERYGALLERYGALLERY, it sells the franchise GALLERY by GALLERYGALLERYGALLERY, which positions him as a dealer of galleries rather than art. Rayman has exhibited both domestically and abroad in solo and group shows and curated over 60 shows in his capacity as GALLERY Director. He has participated in the Vermont Studio Center residency in 2009 and the Santa Fe Art Institute residency in 2010.