Sonya BlesofskY’s “Witness 1 and 2”
Satellite Art SHOW, Miami 2018

December 6-9
18 NW 14th Street, Miami


Introducing The Remix Podcast
Batch 1 & BATCH 2 Available now

The first batch of a new, 15-episode podcast series hosted by The Remix co-founders Heather Bhandari, Courtney Colman, and Steven Sergiovanni explores the challenges of creating and sustaining a business and career in the visual arts. The Remix is seeking answers to questions that are often asked in private. Topics include struggling galleries, rising rents, a lack of patrons, a lack of diversity, and how we're all surviving and redefining our definitions of success while still remaining passionate about art.

Ann Tarantino’s “Flag Futures”
Satellite Art SHOW, Miami 2018

December 6-9
18 NW 14th Street, Miami


In conversation with Tze Chun, Founder of Uprise Art

In 2011, Tze Chun founded Uprise Art, an online gallery featuring a curated collection of original artwork by contemporary emerging artists. Uprise caters to both seasoned collectors and those who are new to collecting. In addition to their online gallery, they offer viewings in person at their Loft in NYC’s Chinatown, and partner with art advisors, architects and interior designers on projects of all sizes. 

HBhandari_TheHealer_StillfromVideoInstallation_Ongoing_RudyShepherd (1).jpg

Rudy Shepherd's "the Healer"

Join us March 6 - 12, 2018
4 Times Square, NYC
Entrance at 140 West 43rd Street

Visitor Info and Tickets Here.
PERFORMANCE times:  March 6, 2pm  &  March 10, 2pm

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.27.40 AM.png

trestle gallery

Featuring: Bonnie Collura, Alex Ebstein, Fabienne Lasserre, Adia Millett

March 9 - April 18, 2018
OPENING Friday, March 9, 7-9pm
Trestle Gallery, 850 Third Avenue, Ste 411, Brooklyn