Introducing The Remix Podcast


THE REMIX PODCAST: New Models in the Art World
Launch: June 18, 2018  (8 episodes)
2nd Release: July 23 (7 additional episodes)

Available on: SoundCloud and here.

A new, 15-episode podcast series hosted by The Remix co-founders Heather Bhandari, Courtney Colman, and Steven Sergiovanni will explore the challenges of creating and sustaining a business and career in the visual arts. Each episode is a conversation with a gallerist, curator, writer, artist, or other art world expert about new models they are exploring and ideas they have for the future. Released in two binge-able groupings, the podcasts are an effort by The Remix to make their research in to the future of the art world public.

Inspired by the frequently asked questions of friends, colleagues, artists, and students in their daily lives, The Remix is seeking answers to questions that are often asked in private. Topics include struggling galleries, rising rents, a lack of patrons, a lack of diversity, and how we’re all surviving and redefining our definitions of success while still remaining passionate about art.

The episodes include an exciting and diverse roster of guests including gallerists Magda Sawon, Ellie Rines, and Michael Foley;  curators Larry Ossei-Mensah and Rachel Gugelberger; writer Paddy Johnson; founders Allison Weisberg and Tze Chun; the Director of Arts at Kickstarter, Patton Hindle; and artists Matthew de Leon, Caroline Woolard, Leah Tinari, Molly Surno, and Alex Paik.

The debut episode, available on June 18 though SoundCloud and here on our website, is a conversation between the three co-founders of The Remix discussing why they decided to do a podcast, what they thought would happen, and what actually happened. “We are thrilled to be able to work together again and be able to share our conversations about the art world and its challenges. While we intended to have an epiphany on how the art world could/should change in the coming years to be more inclusive and sustainable, we ended up having a series of interesting conversations that illuminate the creativity and determination of many artists and arts workers to make the art world a better place.”

The Remix is a project-based curatorial team established to exhibit the work of underrepresented artists. Founded in 2017 by three former colleagues from Mixed Greens gallery—Heather Bhandari, Courtney Colman, and Steven Sergiovanni—it strives to create and promote new platforms that foster transparency, community, generosity, and the sharing of resources among artists and arts workers alike.

Heather Bhandari is a curator, consultant, visiting scholar at NYU, and adjunct lecturer at Brown University.

Courtney Colman is an art advisor and curator.  She is the founder of Colman Art Advisory.

Steven Sergiovanni is an art advisor, curator, and visiting professor at Pratt Institute. He founded Steven Sergiovanni Art Advisory.