Benjamin Evans - Brooklynight


Benjamin Evans “Brooklynight”
GALLERYGALLERYGALLERY, under the archway in Dumbo
Thursday, August 8, 2019 5-8pm
one night only! Live at the Archway!

Artist Benjamin Evans collects dreams. For his exhibit “Brooklynight,” various Brooklyn-based subjects underwent scientific dream data collection and analysis. The result is a series of sculptures investigating the dreams as hopeful wishes, nightly hallucinations, and abstract scientific data. The expansive exhibition will be visible through a peephole.

 Gaze in awe and wonder at the dreams of various Brooklynites covering the exterior of the micro gallery under the arches (look for the large, glowing GALLERY sign under the bridge in DUMBO), and then peer in bewilderment into the enormous gallery and workshop space of the Dream Realization Lab (DRL). Using patent-pending oneiroscopic technology, the inside of the small gallery will be made much larger than the outside, allowing the DRL HQ (located in a remote village of the French Alps) to fit inside, as if by magic.  


 The show will function as the launch of the Dream Realization Laboratory’s official DREAM HOTLINE! The phone number will be revealed on August 8th and a phone will be available on site to call in.

 To celebrate the launch, the DRL is proposing a free DREAM EXCHANGE. The first 45 people who bring a written account of a dream they’ve had will receive the dream of somebody else, along with its very handsome and scientific Psychoneiric Analysis Diagram (suitable for framing)! Dream texts do not have to be long, but they do have to be genuine accounts of actual sleeping dreams – no mere daydreams or fantasies please!

For more information about the DRL and its new hotline, please visit

Benjamin Evans is an artist and writer currently based in the French Alps. Originally from the Canadian province of Newfoundland, he spent seven years living in New York City where he directed the non-profit gallery NURTUREart and was active in the Brooklyn arts scene. He has exhibited previous bodies of work professionally in both Canadian and New York venues. While living in Paris, Evans opened the itinerant gallery project Projective City, which exhibited the work of emerging artists in Paris, New York and virtual spaces in between. He holds five degrees, including a PhD in philosophy and an MFA in mixed media, and has taught at several institutions, including the Alberta College of the Arts, The Parsons School of Design in New York and Parsons Paris. Having completed his PhD, he has recently returned to making art full time.


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The Archway Under the Manhattan Bridge is a public plaza in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The Archway is on Water Street between Adams Street and Anchorage Place in DUMBO.