PODCAST - Patton Hindle


Patton HIndle, Director of Arts at Kickstarter

Patton Hindle is a facilitator and ardent advocate for artists and their projects. She explains the importance of community, the difference between funding through Kickstarter and funding through Drip, and what kind of projects are good for each platform. Patton firmly believes artists should be paid and we should all be patrons. How does she balance all of this while she also runs a gallery? She shares her model for getting it all done.

Patton was appointed Kickstarter’s Director of Arts to help artists and arts organizations realize ambitious projects through the crowd-funding platform. Kickstarter recently launched Drip, a subscription-based platform that allows patrons to invest in ongoing projects, giving artists and creators access longer-term funding. She was previously the Director of Gallery and Institutional Partnerships at ArtSpace and the Director of DODGE Gallery. In addition to working at Kickstarter, Patton is a partner in the contemporary gallery yours mine & ours on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.