PODCAST - Matthew De Leon


Matthew De Leon aka Untitled Queen, Artist

Matthew De Leon takes us from Connecticut to art school to becoming the drag performer, Untitled Queen.  He gives credit to people along the way and talks about making community, redefining his practice, and resisting categorization. He samples and embodies everything from anime to art history to create social sculpture while working full time. The necessary element he added to his practice since getting his MFA: fun.

Matthew De Leon aka Untitled Queen is a visual artist, drag queen, and graphic designer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He creates elaborate, colorful handmade DIY costumes and sculptural body props that are used in intensely emotional and narrative performances. Through these means, he twists and explores themes of vulnerability, gender, race, and self-empowerment.

De Leon was born in 1984 on Governors Island, New York. He is the recipient of the Brooklyn Nightlife Award for Drag Queen of the Year 2015. He has shown in group exhibitions at the University of Connecticut, Mixed Greens Gallery, The Kitchen, Boston Center for the Arts, Honey Ramka, and the Bureau of General Services-Queer Division, among others. Residencies include Urban Glass and the SHIFT residency at EFA.