PODCAST - Magda Sawon


Magda Sawon, Founder & Director of Postmasters Gallery

Magda Sawon talks with The Remix about Postmasters’ history from the East Village to Soho to Chelsea to Tribeca. She is candid about her decision to use Patreon to address the gallery’s sustainability and the urgent need for greater transparency in the art world. We also talk about the value of what a brick-and-mortar gallery brings to the community and the challenges related to being relevant and risk-taking in the current climate. There is also advice on how to make a delicious DIY margarita.

Magda Sawon is a contemporary art gallerist and art world figure who founded and owns New York's Postmasters Gallery (with her husband Tamas Banovich), a gallery for young and established contemporary artists, especially those working in new media. The gallery currently occupies a large space in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. It is considered to be one of the country’s leading experimental galleries.