PODCAST - Ellie Rines

Ellie Rines, Gallery Owner & Director

Ellie Rines tells the story of transitioning from showing work in an unstaffed window space to her current gallery space at 56 Henry. She talks candidly about the jobs she works to support her gallery, the fact that the gallery is her apartment (not a secret), and the love she has for her gallery community. She’s breaking traditional gallery rules with her choice of gallery staff, the small group of artists she represents, and the unique opportunities she gives to bigger-named artists who are represented elsewhere. We discuss growing up, social media, the danger of art fairs, extreme faith in her artists, and her strategies for making it work. She actually talks numbers! Hallelujah!

Ellie is the Founder and Director of 56 Henry Gallery, named by PAPER Magazine as part of “Chinatown’s New Art Gang,” and touted by Artinfo as a “small space with big ambition.” This isn’t her first small space though—she was previously the director of 55 Gansevoort, a window front and vestibule in the Meatpacking district.